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2010 WISE Keynote

Southwest Research Institute
Vice President
Automation and Data Systems Division
B.S., Computer Science, Southwest Texas State University, 1977
Keynote Speaker - 2010 WISE Conference


Ms. Crumrine has more than 30 years of technical and managerial experience. She is a specialist in software engineering, with focus in the design and development of custom systems and systems integration. As vice president of the Automation and Data Systems Division at Southwest Research Institute, Ms. Crumrine directs a staff of approximately 200 engineers and analysts who conduct research and development projects for industry and government clients in areas including biomedical engineering, communications engineering and embedded systems, information technology and system security, intelligent transportation and vehicle systems, and manufacturing systems and process improvement.

Ms. Crumrine joined Southwest Research Institute as a research analyst. Her technical assignments included the design, development, test, integration and installation of software systems on projects concerned with database management, mathematical modeling, computer-aided design, computer-assisted instruction, computer-automated testing, graphics, and microprocessor-based instrumentation development across diverse problem domains. She also served as project manager of a variety of development projects.

Moving into technical management, Ms. Crumrine has been responsible for the growth of a substantial systems and software engineering program at Southwest Research Institute, beginning with serving as the manager of the Institute’s Software Engineering Section in the mid 1980s to serving as executive director of the Software Engineering Organization, which consisted of multiple departments performing projects in bioengineering, intelligent transportation systems and medical information technology. In these roles, she provided technical direction for the planning, management and performance of projects involving the design, development and integration of systems incorporating custom software such as real time systems, special purpose languages, graphical user interfaces, modeling and simulation, and a broad range of applications.

Ms. Crumrine has led the division’s software process improvement activity since 1992. This activity is focused on improving the quality, efficiency, reliability and maintainability of software products through improvements in the processes and procedures used by the organization for software efforts. In April 2003, the software organization led by Ms. Crumrine was assessed at Level 3 of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model® (CMM®) for Software by an independent SEI authorized lead assessor. In 2008, they were appraised at Level 5 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI®).

PROFESSIONAL CHRONOLOGY: Holmes and Shaw, Inc.: programmer, 1977; Southwest Research Institute: 1977-[research analyst, 1977-82; senior research analyst, 1982-6; manager, 1986-93; assistant director, 1993-4; director, 1994-2002; executive director, 2002-5; assistant vice president, 2005-8; vice president, 2008-present].

MEMBERSHIPS: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and IEEE Computer Society.