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Women faculty across the College of Science and Engineering are doing exciting research..........

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry  - Faculty Research

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    Research Interests

    • Polymeric Biomaterials
    • Nanomedicine
    • Drug Delivery Systems
    • Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels
    • Nucleic Acid Enabled Biomaterials

    Research Interests

    • Use of electroactive polymers in applications including energy storage, sensors, and static dissipationSynthesis of novel extended conjugation monomers and polymers
    • Templating for improved performance of electroactive polymers
    • Dominant ion transport processes in electroactive polymers
    • Nanoparticle preparation, functionalization, coating, and characterization for applications including enhanced efficiency fuels

    Research Interests

    • The role of micro RNAs in regulating neuroblastoma cell differentiation
    • Discovery of novel differentiation agents for treating neuroblastoma
    • Novel genes regulating neuroblastoma cell differentiation
    • Novel genes in lung tumorigenesis

    Research Interests

    • Protein-nucleic acid interactions
    • RNA chaperones
    • Protein and RNA structure-function relationships

    Research Interests

    Our research group uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies to explore learning in undergraduate general chemistry courses and high school chemistry classrooms. Some of the common methods we use are: surveys, interviews, focus groups, and eye tracking. The overarching focus of our research is on student understanding and assessment.

    We are particularly focused on:

    • Assessing conceptual knowledge and utilization of representations
    • Impact of curricular choices and student study habits on student understanding
    • Impact of testing feedback on student success