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WiSE Selfie Celebration

take a wise selfie

This year there is an added amount of fun at the WiSE conference: share with us your science or engineering selfie! Take a selfie while working in a laboratory, working on written homework problems, tinkering with your latest scientific or engineering invention, doing some STEM brainstorming with friends, or anytime you are joyfully engaged in science or engineering!

Submit your selfie along with photo releases for you and all people in the image. We will be posting these photos at the conference, and they will be open to a people’s choice award.

THINK WiSE!!!!  Of course, always be sure to use safe practices in chemical laboratories - or anywhere you are working with potentially hazardous equipment -  so you do not contaminate your phone (e.g., when chemicals are involved). We reserve the right to not post photos if we feel they show substandard or unsafe practices.

Please print out and sign the photo release. You will be asked to upload it along with your selfie.